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  Fun, sun and hot Olympic standard athletic action hit the prom at Blackpool when the European Championship Tour came back to the UK in September 2009.

Europe's top beach volleyball teams, including Olympic players, treated the crowds to a thrilling series of matches during the four day event

Watch QuickTime movie clip of last year's event: Click Here »

Beach volleyball is an Olympic level sport played out in an intimate stadium setting with music, dancers and professional presenters - its athletics as you have never seen it before - exciting action, vibrant infectious atmosphere and above all, great fun!

The Blackpool audience quickly joined in the action - stamping feet, waving arms and singing along supporting the athletes and having a great time!

simon golding presenter

beach volleyball audience

Tournament presenter Simon Golding, a member of the BVUK management team, and also a sports presenter with Sky Sports said: "Beach volleyball at this level is a new experience for the British audience, yet for a second year, their reaction was immediate and they all joined in making my job very easy!

"If the Blackpool experience is anything to go by, British Beach Volleyball is heading for a great future in the UK. "


£12.5 million into local economy
BVUK's 2009 tournaments at Blackpool attracted 29,000 visitors - up from 10,000 in 2008. They generated 69,654 overnight stays in the town and created a localised spend of £12.5m.

Plus, the media coverage in national and regional press, colour suppliments, radio, national TV news bulletins and overseas TV coverage was almost priceless.


blackpool beach volleyball action


tournament volunteer


Sustainability and community involvement form an integral part of BVUK's beach volleyball packages.

More than 150 youngsters from local schools and colleges acted as linesmen and women, rakers and ball kids while more than athousand local school children took part in 'Volley-on-the-Prom', two days of coaching and matches on the sand.

nestea dancers

The 2009 English Masters at Blackpool - Huge fun and all FREE!

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Our team includes professional volleyball people who plan and manage the technical and sport aspects of World Class tournaments from European to World Tour and Olympic level.

Help put UK Beach Volleyball at the top of the game - call 0844 2849 75560 or email HERE »


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