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Building beach volleyball court and beach tournaments
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Planning and promoting successful tournaments - building beach courts

BVUK has delivered the UK’s first FIVB International Beach Volleyball Tournament for Blackpool. The event was part of a planned strategy by Blackpool Council and the North West Development Agency to reposition the resort as a premier beach sport destination. Building the event site involved moving more than 260 tonnes of sand from the beach to the promenade, erecting a 1,000 seat stadium plus marquees for players with medical facilities and a VIP lounge with covered viewing area.

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TV crew film volleyball players at the grove


'I would like to thank you and all of the Beach Volleyball UK team for your work and support in planning and delivering the Blackpool International Beach Volleyball Tournament.

We have had nothing but praise for the work of Beach Volleyball UK and the feedback about the event and its professionalism has been incredibly positive.'

Jane Seddon, Director of Tourism


'Just wanted to say well done on such a fantastic event and thanks for doing so much in so short a time.  Our youngsters thoroughly enjoyed it and I seriously think for a couple of them it has changed the direction of their lives.  Full of admiration for such a massive effort of organisation on your part. 

From a development point of view you might be interested to know that our stand, again thanks to you, attracted some 30 new people into the game, a new club into the league and a new training venue came forward for one of our struggling clubs in Blackpool.  I consider that a result.'

Rich Lee, Chairman, Lancashire Volleyball Association - Club members played a County Junior event during the tournament, received coaching from GB National Coach Matt Grinlaubs and the GB players, and also acted as scorers, linesmen/women and as the on-court maintenance team.


In 2008, BVUK staged the UK's first ever NESTEA European Championship English Masters.

More than 50 of Europe's top men's and women's teams were spurred on by a capacity audience thrilled by their first experience of top class beach athletics played out in an infectious fun, party atmosphere.

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TV crew film volleyball players at the grove
grove hotel beach court
  BVUK's team has the experience and knowledge needed to build top class beach courts. We helped create the beach volleyball court described by Great Britain Coach, Matt Grinlaubs as 'the finest in the world', at The Grove in Hertfordshire, one of the world's leading 5 star hotels.
Set in 300 acres of parkland, The Grove is renowned for its fine championship golf course and its international football pitch, used as a training camp by the England team. The addition of the beach court attracted coverage from National and international press and TV. BVUK will help The Grove organise beach volleyball matches and coaching for guests as part of its sport and leisure programme and we have arranged for the Great Britain Beach Squad to use the court and hotel as part of their preparation for the 2008 and 2012 Olymipcs.  
TV crew film volleyball players at the grove
TV crew film volleyball players at the grove

Top Brazilian volleyball star Ana Paula Connelley and Australian Olympic Gold Medalist Natalie Cook braved torrential summer rain to play British Olympic hopefuls Denise Johns and Lucy Boulton at a press and TV exhibition match we organised at the Grove.


Beach Volleyball UK is the only company set up with volleyball professionals to promote Beach Volleyball in the UK. Although our main focus is beach volleyball. we are happy to work alongside other sports and promoters to help develop beach sports. In the North West, we have built school and youth sport into our tournaments and supported the first ever demonstration of 'Compact Cricket™ ', an entirely new beach cricket concept developed in 2007 by our northern manager, Gordon Chubb.

Our team includes professional volleyball people who plan and manage the technical and sport aspects of World Class tournaments from European to World Tour and Olympic level.

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  • Court planning and layout
  • Sourcing the right sand
  • Tournament nets and sports equipment
  • Volleyball and sand sport 'fun' days
  • Planning, promoting and managing World Class events
  • Finding the best players for special events
  • Providing professional referees
  • Master classes
  • Press days
  • Coaching for skills, fun, fitness and company teams

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