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how to build a beach volleyball court
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Building a beach court

This is just a brief introduction to building courts. For one-off promotional events or community and leisure use, requirements may be different. Aspects including location, available space, type of surface and sub-surface, levels, drainage, surroundings, site services, security, access, proposed use and available budgets, all introduce many variables.

A beach volleyball court has an 8m x 16m playing area with a 3m run-off on all round (5m run-off for international tournaments). Temporary sand courts for one-off tournaments can be set up on almost any level surface which offers adequate drainage. Depending on the surface, permanent outdoor sand courts should be constructed according to the section shown below:

beach volleyball court specification

For tournament use, sand must conform to specific requirements regarding grain size, particle shape, content and colour. For international tournaments, it must be analysed and approved in advance by an organisation appointed by the FIVB (Fédération Internationale de Volleyball). BVUK can provide detailed specifications and recommend sand suppliers. Meanwhile, this is a rough guide to sand quality for general applications:

GRAIN SIZE - Not too fine or the sand will blow in the wind and become compacted and hard when wet; not too coarse or it will be difficult to play on in bare feet.
PARTICLE SHAPE - Individual particles must be relatively smooth.
CONTENT - The sand must be clean and free from stones, sharp shell fragments or biological matter.
COLOUR - Not too white to reduce glare. Yellow or orange builder's sand is not suitable because it will stain and becomes heavy and compact when wet.

Athletes must be free to dive and jump without risk of injury from contacting a hard sub-surface, so FIVB rules require the sand to be at least 400mm deep across the entire playing area including run-off. The total sand required for a single court could therefore be in region of 200 tonnes, depending on density, moisture content and size of run-off. Tournament officials may disallow play if the court or sand quality do not comply with regulations.

Working With Local Authorities
BVUK will help local authorities create and manage facilities for the benefit of the broadest possible section of their local community, enabling them to demonstrate maximum return on any investment of public funds. No two projects are the same, so it is essential we have a consultation process first, rather than offering assumptions or a hypothetical menu of prices.

BVUK is the only organisation in the country experienced at working with local councils to create beach volleyball sport facilities to international standard. Additionally, one of our consultants is the only person in England to represent the sport's world governing body overseeing the build and management of facilities around the world for the FIVB World Tour - the premier international Beach Volleyball series.

Beach Volleyball Nets

beach volleyball net
  For information about net systems, click HERE


BVUK is the only organisation in UK with the experience and expertise necessary to ensure your court area meets both your needs and those of the sport

For help building your Beach Volleyball court - call 0844 2849 75560 or email HERE »


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